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Question   Solo Show 2016
Not only is Patricia a gifted photographer, she is one of the most generous and kind people we have had the joy of meeting through the gallery! Her passion and sensitivity are sincerely evident in every photograph! The images ARE Patricia, whether it

- Jane and Kelly Littlefield August 02, 2016

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Question   Your work
Fortunate enough to buy some cards from you during the ART sale in Sun City West, I now wish I had bought many more cards. How do I hook up with you to make that happen?

I have send your cards to several people and they all wish they knew you!! Me too.

- Donna Norton December 07, 2015

  Answer Hello Donna, Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I do sell some of my cards in the Village Store in Sun City West.....other than that it will be at the next Arts & Crafts Fair in March, 2016. If you have a favorite please let me know & I can print some for the Fair just for you and your friends. Most of the images on the web site can be replicated. You can reach me through this web page.
Thank you again. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season. Warmest regards.....Patricia

- Patricia A. Casey  December 10, 2015

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Question   Appreciation
Hey Patricia,

You are amazing... A lady full of life... who is beautiful from outside as well as from inside...
I love your work.
Keep it up.

- Molina Mitali March 10, 2011

  Answer Hi Molina....You are a Mirror!
Thank you for your kind words....it really thrills me to have made your friendship so many stars away....and yet we look at the same stars....

I will be on vacation next week from work. Roger and I are heading back to Death Valley....it really is a beautiful place....

Peace to you my dear friend!

- Patricia A. Casey  March 10, 2011

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Question   Hi
Love your work! It's always nice to see your friendly face on the trails in White Tank!

- Kaycee/Stef Rosco/Gracie  October 24, 2010

  Answer Long time in responding....it seems that it takes me a long time to do much of anything these days....Thank you so much for looking....Hope to see you on the trail again soon! Warmest regards.....Patricia

- Patricia A. Casey  December 15, 2010

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Question   Amazing
Hi Patricia,
You never cease to completely amaze me with your talent. I've looked through every photo on this site and just kept thinking, wow that is so beautiful! Great job!!!

-  December 22, 2009

  Answer Hi Rachel....Thank you so much.....I'm glad you enjoyed the show...my next project will be to maybe put some of these in a digital "slide show" on a c.d. for friends & family....maybe next year...this is what keeps me sane & grounded....being out of doors just walking along and taking it all in one step at a time....Hope you're having a Happy Holiday Season....and much Joy to you both in the New Year....Love as always, Patricia

- Patricia A. Casey  December 23, 2009

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Question   wrong squirrel.....
The cute photo of the squirrel eating a cactus was misidentified: NOT a roundtail but a Harris's Antelope squirrel.

I had a pet roundtail, and he was tame and adorable!

- jerry evans November 07, 2009

  Answer Thanks, Jerry for your comment...I took yet another look at Google this time for Harris Antelope Squirrels...and found you are correct...the roundtail doesn't have stripes...wish I could find the spot on the desert museum's site I found the "mis-information" & picture...but maybe that too has been corrected..oh well...I guess the little guy really doesn't care what he's called as long as the hawk didn't get him (her?)....thanks for the information...have a wonderful day!

- Patricia A. Casey  November 08, 2009

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Question   Thank you!
I landed on your website because of a mistake in searching for a name in Google. Oh, the thumnails look interesting, I thought, Then I clicked on a slideshow. I have now just watched several of your slideshows.
What a welcomed and an unexpected treat for the eyes and for the soul!! Thank you!

For me it was just a delicious experience, and it pulled me completely out of my world and it refreshed me.

I hope you can leave your website up for others to stumble upon it (as I have) and be refreshed as I have.

And grateful to you as I am.

Thank you!!


- bob fields December 22, 2008

  Answer Hello, Bob,
I'm glad to hear you stumbled across my web page and equally delighted that you enjoyed the images. The photos I take are an attempt to capture the beauty I see in the world...feel free to visit often as I do add photos from time to time. Also feel free to share it with your friends...You are very welcome....Patricia

- Patricia A. Casey  December 25, 2008

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